Colt Python Double Action Revolver-1
Colt Python Double Action Revolver-2
Colt Python Double Action Revolver-3

Colt Python Double Action Revolver


It's a Double Action Revolver toy. Double-action means that the revolver can either be fired by cocking the hammer first then pressing the trigger. Or by simply pulling the trigger all the way through ie “self-cocking”.

Weight: 1.13 lbs [short] / 1.18 lbs [long]

Length: 8.3 inches [short] / 11.7 inches [long]

FPS: 80-90

Range: 8-10 meters

Products include: Double Action Revolver, shell X 6, Dart X 20.

Realistic Gun Model: Made of nylon and lots of metal parts, so it looks very realistic.

Teaching model: The double-action revolver design structure is restored, and the bullet is fired by hitting the bottom of the shell with the hammer.You can teach your child how a revolver works.

Safe & Durable: Use safe Dart, will not hurt people or small animals, but please do not shoot at the head.

Perfect Gift: The great holiday, Birthday gifts for 5+ year old boys.

We recommend you to buy the version with two barrels, you will get a new revolver after changing the barrel.