Push & Spin bear Toy
Push & Spin bear Toy
Push & Spin bear Toy

Push & Spin bear Toy SL83012

Easy Press Button Ideal for Fine Motor Skill Development and Learning Activity - Great for Infants Toddlers 12 Months and Up,learning toys for toddlers

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Happy playing bear toy. 


The WaySunToys Push and Spin Bear are expertly crafted using plastic construction to provide long-term strength and use for years. There are no removable or loose parts to worry about, and smooth, rounded edges contribute to toddler safety so parents can rest easy while children play.


This classic toy is designed to introduce cause-and-effect processes while developing your baby's motor sensory capacity, coordination and visual skills. Combining vibrant colours and a cute design with a fun activity, children will be entertained for hours.


Children love bright colours and Bear, and this toy provides them with both. The happy-looking Bear toy is designed to let your baby get closer to your pet, boasting a cute Bear head and four paws at the base to delight children right from the start.


Designed for ages 12 months and up, the Push and Spin Bear is easy to grip and press down on. When children press on the Bear head, different coloured balls spin inside while the Bear teeter-totters back and forth to keep them engaged.


This WaySunToys Push and Spin Bear will make an excellent gift for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. There are no removable or loose parts to worry about. The colourful balls grab the children's attention to stimulate the mind while developing fine motor skills.

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