M1911 A1 Airsoft Pistol-1
M1911 A1 Airsoft Pistol-5
M1911 A1 Airsoft Pistol-11
M1911 A1 Airsoft Pistol-10
M1911 A1 Airsoft Pistol-2
M1911 A1 Airsoft Pistol-9
M1911 A1 Airsoft Pistol-6

M1911 A1 Airsoft Pistol


Because Green Gas cannot be shipped by air, you need to buy it yourself, you can get it at various online and offline stores and it's cheap.

This M1911 Airsoft has a very high degree of restoration, the hammer and the insurance system can work normally.

N-Series: Use Rubber Balls as bullets.

P-Series: Use Gel Balls as Bullets.

Material: Metal + Nylon

Length: 8.7 inches

Weight: 1.35 lbs


To increase the FPS, you need to replace the barrel. Because many countries have restrictions on the FPS of toy guns, the default FPS setting is low. You can buy a supercharged barrel in our store, but you need to replace it yourself.