M1911 Laser Blowback Toy Pistol

Description Product Description: 1. This is a laser blowback pistol, which means the slide moves back when you Press the trigger. At the same time, fire the laser and ejecting the shells. 2. After shooting the last bullet, last round bolt hold open. Of course, you can also remove the magazine for continuous shooting. 3. The laser target can sense the pistol's laser beam and provide shooting feedback, which can add a certain amount of fun. 4. Don't think it's very easy to shoot with a laser gun, the blowback structure will create a slight recoil when shooting, causing the laser to deflect. So it takes practice. 5. Do not shoot at the head, so as not to hurt people's eyes with the laser. Products include: M1911 laser pistol, Magazine, Plastic shells x 9, Metal shells x1. (Laser Target needs to be purchased separately)