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M416 Rifle With Shell Ejecting Soft Bullet Gun EVA Soft Bullet Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Armas Blaster Weapon Toys Gun CS Fighting Combat


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Toy Guns M416/HK416 Rifle With Shell Ejecting. The prototype of the M416 is the HK416 automatic rifle. Among many FPS games, the M416 is the most popular rifle.

1. Load the magazine, pull the charging handle, Start shooting and realize automatic shell ejection.
2. The shooting distance is about 10-12 meters, High-quality motors ensure the durability of the toy.
3. Traditional toys do not have the function of electric shell ejection. How can it be called an automatic rifle if it is manually loaded with a bolt?
4. EVA safety darts, children can also play as much as they want, but be careful not to shoot the eyes and head.
5. This gun is made from high-quality materials that are ensured to be safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Products include: Gun, Darts, Shells, Magazine, laser sight, Sight, silencer, triangle grip, front and rear sights, strap, goggles, charging kit

Material: Nylon
Age Range: 8 y+
Toy guns are very special products, and the transportation time may be longer than ordinary products.
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