Mossberg 500 Series No.12 Shotgun


Mossberg 500 is widely used in shooting competitions, hunting, home self-defense and practical shooting sports, and is also used by many law enforcement agencies in the United States and abroad.


1.For many military fans, the American Mossberg 500 shotgun is a very handsome and wild gun. It is also a high-volume non-military firearm in the history of American firearms production.
2. 1:1 reduction based on real gun, exquisite workmanship and high degree of simulation, so that it can be a decoration to hang on the wall.
3. The addition of metal accessories makes the bullet ejection process more smooth, and the shooting distance is about 60 feet.
4. Nylon + metal structure, the firing device and internal structure are made of alloy.
5. Use EVA safe darts to shoot, children can also play safely.

Material:Metal + nylon material
Age Range: 7 y+