Pretend Play House Kitchen Backpack-001.jpg_1Pretend Play House Kitchen Backpack
Pretend Play House Kitchen Backpack-001.jpg_1
Pretend Play House Kitchen Backpack
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Pretend PlayHouse Kitchen Backpack

Play Kitchen, Pretend Play House Kitchen Backpack, Toy Backpack 2 in 1, 34pcs Simulation Props, Removable and Easy to Store, Including Faucet with Running Water, Gift for Boys & Girls
Units in box: 18

【2 in 1 Toy Backpack】 

The well-designed children's toy backpack has three modes, which can be turned into a handbag, a backpack or a kitchen tool table. The stylish 2-in-1 backpack can be transformed into a toy table in seconds. Clever storage, easy switching. There is no limit to the fun, experience the fun on the go.

【ABS Environmentally Friendly Plastic】

Children’s safety and health is the top priority. Our kitchen play toy are strictly made of ABS environmentally friendly plastic, and the bright and lively color scheme is very cute. It does not contain bisphenol A, is tasteless, firm, anti-drop, smooth to the touch, without burrs, and will not harm your baby's skin or endanger your baby's health.

【Simulation Props】

34 simulation accessories, which can truly simulate and restore cooking scenes in life. You can manually press to make the simulated faucet discharge water, and the vegetable washing basin has the function of manually circulating water. A variety of kitchen tools, stoves, sinks, shelves and other kitchen tools, as well as cooking items such as vegetables, fruits and soy sauce, can well develop children's cognition of daily food.

【Convenient Storage】

It is a kitchen toy and also a storage bag. Hang the tableware with a hook on the top of the product, which does not occupy space and is convenient to use. There is a storage cabinet at the bottom of the toy stove for storage. After the children have finished playing, they can pack up the props and put them in the backpack, which can cultivate the children's good habit of organizing and storing.

【Ideal Gift】

Our kitchen game role-playing props will bring your baby an immersive experience, satisfy your child's natural curiosity, and exercise their practical ability. Puzzle enlightenment, sensory stimulation, Entertaining and educating. It can promote parent-child communication in role-playing interactions.