SIG MPX submachine gun Gel Blaster


The SIG MPX distinguishes itself from other submachine guns in many ways. Highly serialized, flexible and changeable caliber, high shooting accuracy, and has various types, forming a huge system. "Unique" air-guided automatic mode, the same operation mode as AR-15/M16.
SLR Gel blaster, with its high-quality nylon constructed SLR receiver. This beauty also sports an ergonomic Magpul pistol grip, key-mod handguard with accessories, and a practical and comfortable CQB stock. Not only does this gel blaster have the looks, but it also has the practicality you would come to expect from such a high-quality brand name like SLR.


Firing Range: 20 - 30 Meters
Ammo Size: 7 - 8 mm


1 x SIG MPX submachine gun Gel Blaster.
1 x Packet of Extra Gel Balls.
1 x Gel Ball Combat Goggles.
1 x Rechargeable Battery.
1 x USB Charging Cable.
1 x Holographic sight.

We will provide you with pure black frame accessories to upgrade its appearance.