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Puzzle game toys
Puzzle game toys
Puzzle game toys
Puzzle game toys
Puzzle game toys
Puzzle game toys

Puzzle number game toys set 1533

5-in-1 matching number game puzzle, early educational toys set, safe material, easy play, easy taking, good for increasing learning and practical ability.

Puzzle number Toys for Baby 1 year+.

Item ID:  1533

1. Main people

Baby toys, early education and learning toys. 

2.Safe non-toxic materials

Environmental management safe materials (ABS), no burrs and no injury to the hands, the item itself is created with rounded edges, smooth and also rounded, as well as really feel better.

3.Best practice

Learn while playing, learn in a pleasant play, increase the enjoyable of understanding and also useful capability.


Intriguing puzzles, number matching, DIY mushroom nails, mathematical procedures, pattern acknowledgment, color and shape as well as other mixes.

5.Early education toy

Educational gift for baby.

Name: 5 in 1 Toy Set
Ability Train: smart puzzle, number matching, number calculation, pattern recognition, color shape
Accessories: 0-9 numbers*2 sets,algorithm symbol*1 set,10*double-sided cards,a lion or car puzzle sticker (random)

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