New Winchester M1887 Shell Ejection Shotgun


Winchester M1887 is famous all over the world because of "Terminator 2". In the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger's one-handed reload and shot is still fresh in everyone's memory.

Products include:
Winchester M1887 Shotgun
A total of 6 bullet shells and 20 soft bullets.

Product description:
1. Winchester M1887 Lever-Action Shotgun, Size: 68CM, Weight: 2.59 pounds.
2. Range 35-50 feet, After shooting, press the trigger to ejecting shells.
3. After being proficient, you can perfectly reproduce the one-handed shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the "Terminator 2" movie.
4. Both the appearance and the internal structure are perfectly restored. Owning this gun is a childhood dream of many people.
5. This toy shotgun uses EVA safety Darts, even children can play as much as they want.


Material:Metal + nylon material
Age Range: 14 y+