How to select toys for your children

In addition to safety being the primary consideration when choosing a toy, what other issues should be taken into consideration when choosing a toy?

  • 1. What kind of toys are appropriate for children?

The most important principle for parents when choosing toys for their children is to give them the appropriate type of toy according to their ability to grow and develop.It is suggested that parents can collect and understand the corresponding abilities of children at various stages of development through books or the Internet for reference when giving toys to their children.Therapist Zhang xukai said that since children at different stages develop different abilities, giving them appropriate toys in accordance with their level of development would complement each other in their ability development.

  • 2, according to the child's development ability to choose toys?

Parents who have a concept of children's growth and development sometimes think that children should have developed the ability to pedal tricycles by the age of three, so they give their children a cool tricycle as a gift on their third birthday.Never thought that when the child saw the gift, but presented a blank face, and even for the tricycle feel strange, afraid.Faced with such a situation, parents naturally think, "Isn't the age of 3 the stage to ride a tricycle?""And" Is my child slowing down?"... waiting for questions.The development of a child's ability does not appear naturally at a certain stage of growth, but requires time for practice and exploration.In the case of children riding a tricycle, they must first learn to sit on the tricycle;Then the feet glide on the ground to recognize direction control and movement;Even by studying the relationship between the pedals and the axle, it became clear that the pedal mode could be used to control the tricycle.In this process, we can see that children need to spend more than half a year to explore and accumulate experience in learning a skill. Therefore, parents are advised to select toys based on the ability of children after 6 months, so that they can have enough time to do exercises.

  • 3. Toys beyond or below the applicable age cannot be selected.

On the packaging of toys, the age of the toy is usually specified. However, such age marks are not based on the development of the child, but on the safety threat of the toy to the child.For example, the toys contain small parts, which may lead to problems such as young children accidentally swallowing them in the game, causing suffocation, and so on. At this time, the applicable age of toys will be raised accordingly.Children can play with toys under the age of application as long as they like them, because there is no age difference in the design of any toy, and each toy can enable people to play from the age of 0 to 99.In addition, if parents choose toys suitable for older children, it is suggested that some adjustments can be made, such as taking out items that are more dangerous to children (such as sharp items, small parts...), so that children can enjoy the fun of toys in a safe state.

    • 4. Shouldn't phones and tablets become children's toys?

In the generation of 3C product explosion, mobile phones and tablets have gradually become the daily necessities of everyone, and even become the playthings on the palm of children's hands. But is this kind of toy type good for children?

With the appearance of TV set, many people believed that children should not watch TV all the time, but now TV is full of our life, not to mention the widespread use of computers, tablets, smart phones, has become one of the necessary tools for modern people.As long as the product is born in accordance with the progress of The Times, the child should learn to face and use it in the future. Why not let the child learn how to use it in advance?

By downloading apps from tablets and smart phones, children can learn in a simple way.For example, if a child uses a tablet to do a jigsaw puzzle, we don't have to worry about whether the puzzle is missing or even damaged in the process of the puzzle. At this point, they can complete the puzzle smoothly with the movement of their fingers.Although 3C products are of little help to children's fine movement, hand-eye coordination and other development, and long-term use will also have the risk of vision reduction, it is undeniable that they do have a good help in children's cognition and spatial concept.Proper arrangements, so as long as the parents let parents can contact with 3C products, in addition to being able to avoid a child for a long time to indulge in the virtual game world, each other can also be accumulated in friendship between parents and children play, and children also can use the experience of learning and accumulation, moreover also can retain the advantages of different abilities through this way.