What toys mean to children

Therefore, what to play, how to play has become very critical, in the face of the market of hundreds of toys, how to choose the appropriate toys and children with joy, presumably is a lot of parents worry...

Do you understand what toys mean to children before you choose them?Or do you think toys are just props to please your children?If that's what you think, it's time to look at toys another way!

  • 1, childhood can not do without toys

    The presence of toys in the real world is a key and indispensable item for children at every stage of development, both mentally and spiritually.Because toys can always arouse children's curiosity, so that they have the motivation to play, so that they can create and accept different ways of playing in play, which in addition to the accumulation of pleasant play experience, virtually more enable children to gain more ability.
  • 2. The least stressful state of play

  • The toy itself is a kind of inhuman state for human beings. The so-called inhuman state means that children can get fun by interacting with the toy without relying on others to intervene.Therapist Zhang said that even though the toy itself is highly interactive, it doesn't have the same high and unpredictable response as when interacting with people.Under such inhuman state, any everything through his will to manipulate and dominant, so the child in such a state of play will be no pressure, it is easier to feel fun toys, the child will be more willing to participate in, the more is able to through the different kinds of toys, in the play to let children learn and build on different abilities.

    3. It is beneficial to the development of brain and body

  • What kind of abilities can toys bring to children?Therapist Zhang Xukai said that in terms of brain development, colorful and diversified toys can inspire children's cognition in the process of playing, from the simplest appearance, shape, color and even number.On the other hand, in terms of children's development, there are various kinds of toys, so there are different ways of playing, which can also promote the improvement of children's abilities in various aspects.Some toys can be created through the child's creativity (such as blocks, models), and some can be manipulated and moved freely (power cars, moving dolls)...Etc., if you want to promote the development of children's gross muscles, you can induce their motivation of running and rolling by playing ball toys.In addition, like puzzles, small blocks and other types of toys, when they control their fingers to pick up puzzles or blocks, it is of great help to the development of children's fine movement;Even by the time children are two years old and start playing house, it's more about building up their ability to take care of themselves and their cognitive skills in everyday life.